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Foto dari kiri ke kanan: Erlin, Iwan Sudradjat, Nining, Intan, foto pada  2010 di wisuda ITB (wisuda Yoyok, anak bungsu)


Nining Sri Astuti or Nining I Soesilo was born in Jogyakarta Central Java, on July 6, 1957 and graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1982 as an architect. She  worked as an architect for 1 year and her projects among other was TMII Purna Bhakti Pertiwi.  In 1986 she got her MA degree from University of Iowa, USA and joined Institute for Social and Economic Research at University of Indonesia in 1987. She got her PhD in 2004 from University of Indonesia majoring monetary economics.

Previously she taught Urban and Regional Economics, but since 2001 she has been teaching Monetary Economics for undergraduate students at University of Indonesia, part of the teaching method is also developed using case study. But the more vigorous teaching method using case study has been done for the graduate class “Strategic Management in Public Sector” at Magister of Planning and Public Policy at Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia since 1998. She got her “Case Study Writing Course for Public Policy Teaching” from University of Phillipine, and Strategic Management Course with case study from Monash University, Australia. She also teaches and becomes promotor for several dissertations mostly about SME.

She already published her text book “Manajemen Strategik di Sektor Publik” book 1 and book 2 in Bahasa Indonesia, based on her more than 20 year experience as consultants for government and regional government of Indonesia. Four books about Microfinance was publised  for the Asia Pacific Regional Microcredit Summit, in which she is the writer in cooperation with her staffs at UKM Center FEUI

She also published KABEG book ( Kompetensi Anak Bangsa di Era Global) as books to commemorate 30 years of ITB 76, as editor of around 115 writers of ITB76 alumni,  that consist of 3 books called (1) Rekayasa Mengejar Nilai Tambah, (2) Kiat Merangkul Sukses and (3) Membingkai Harga Diri dan Peradaban (please click www.kilauitb.com/page.php.)

Since 2005 she has been  the Head of “UKM Center FEUI” (in Bahasa Indonesia “UKM” means SME), that concern about enhancing entrepreneurship as well as community development through the development of small and micro enterprise in cooperation with Micro Finance Institution. “UKM Center FEUI” also disbursed credits to around 150 SMEs,in which the money come from the linkage program from Banking and State Own Company’s CSR (PT Rekayasa Industri, Bank Mandiri , PT Antam ang Bank BTN).

She also develop a small grameen bank type unit around the campus area to help 95 poor women and has been developing some awards for micro entrepreneurs in cooperation with MNCs and Government for the last 6 years.  Her website is www.ukm-center.org and www.penghargaantki.org.

Various research and consultancies for private company and also for public policy has been accomplished  due to her multi disciplinary background. Her latest project is as the leader of Technical Assistance Unit, that help the Ministry of Environment Republic of Indonesia that give advice to the government, the Mandiri Shariah Banking and the SME about “Debt to Nature Swap” and green growth that had been presented in OECD and ADBI Tokyo.

Now she is undergoing  her consultancy to the Ministry of Cooperative and SME, to create strategic planning in accelerating the empowerment of coop and SMEs in Indonesia that will last in September 2011.  

She also works  as a commisioner of small community bank BPR BBS in Cinere as well as a commisioner at a State own Company, Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia, a holding company that consist of 4 companies: Bahana Investment, Bahana Securities, Bahana Ventura ( a venture capital company) and Graha Niaga Tata Utama (a property company).

Now she is not only in charge of UKM Center FEUI but also  as CEO of a new office called: Indonesia Center of Public Policy Study (ICPPS) at UI, in cooperation with Harvard School of Public Policy, this is a multi disciplinary office in which the chairman is Prof Dorodjatum K Jakti (please click www.icpps.org/page.php )

She married to DR Indroyono Soesilo, Sesmenko Kesra and has 3 children (Iwan, Indri and Yoyok). Iwan or Ostiawan Yudiantoro is a businessman and he manages PT Ostoro, he graduated as a certified accountant at PPA University of Indonesia, Dwiani Indraningsri (Indri) takes master degree in Music Education at Boston University, and Trihandoyo (Yoyok) graduated from ITB in 2010 and now working at Indonesia Exim Bank (LPEI)


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